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How to repair XLS file of Microsoft Excel workbook

Modified on 01/01/2019

Microsoft XLS repair tool helps to restore data from corrupted *.XLS files in few clicks.

The repairing of corrupted Microsoft Excel XLS file - step-by-step instruction:

  1. Download XLS Repair Kit here:
  2. Install XLS Repair Kit
  3. Start XLS Repair Kit
  4. Select the file name of corrupted Excel worksheet
  5. Press Analyze
  6. Confirm the recovery of file by press Yes
  7. Preview recovered sheet(s) from damaged XLS file
  8. Press Start Recovery button

How to repair XLS file corrupted

Microsoft Excel XLS file repair tool

XLS Repair Kit is an all-in-one solution for quick, reliable and fully-automated recovery of data from corrupted MS Excel documents. This Microsoft XLS repair tool relies on the power of its highly advanced file analysis and data recovery core and effortlessly handles the most serious cases of data corruption. Such cases may be the result of file system errors, interrupted downloads, IM transmissions, hardware failures, virus attacks, users' experiments with unknown system software and a host of other reasons.

Equipped with the most powerful recovery core on today's market, the program offers nearly complete automation of the recovery process, allowing the user to select the source file and make a few clicks in the course of recovery. XLS Repair Kit was specifically designed to fit an audience as wide as at all possible, which explains the simplicity of its interface that allows users who don't know how to repair XLS files to restore their data without much of a problem.

This Microsoft Excel XLS file repair tool is compatible with all types of files supported by MS Excel (*.xls, *.xlt, *.xlsx, *.xlsm, *.xltm, *.xltx and *.xlam) and opens files of any size and internal structure. For your convenience, the program comes with an integrated Excel file browser/viewer that lets you see recoverable elements prior to starting data extraction. The feature can also be used for accessing particular numbers and/or records without recovering the contents of the damaged file.

Recovered data are saved to a new Excel document that can be saved or edited immediately after the completion of the recovery process. The program requires absolutely no additional components, such as libraries or frameworks, to operate. Each recovery session is concluded with the display of a detailed log.

How to repair XLS files?

XLS Repair Kit is perfect for anyone who urgently wants to learn how to repair XLS file corrupted in any type of incident, and does not want to spend a fortune on slow and expensive specialized services. With this handy program at hand, corruption of an Excel file is no longer a tragedy knocking you off your feet, but an unpleasant incident that will require some attention and a few minutes of your time.

Below is a list of the program's key features:

  • Extremely fast and efficient data analysis and recovery engine
  • An ability to extract data from the most seriously damaged files
  • An intuitive wizard-based interface tailored for those who have never used a Microsoft XLS repair tool
  • Recovery of the most important elements of XLS files, including cell data, formulas, links, formatting options
  • Recovery to a new healthy Excel file ready for editing and saving
  • Support of Excel files of any size and structure
  • Support of all major versions of Excel and Windows, which makes the program a great choice for older systems
  • Compact size of the installation file

The program is highly recommended for anyone facing XLS file corruption problems even once in a while, let alone system administrators dealing with them on a regular basis. Compact, fast, straightforward and ultimately reliable, it helps users deal with the consequences of system crashes in minutes.

System requirements: Windows 98 and above

Customer's reviews and ratings
Reed Mata 2021-04-05

I upload Excel file(XLS) and get a document in different format (XLSX), which I cannot open it. Make page with option to choose format of repaired file before download.

Danny Whitney 2021-03-18

The MS Excel file that was corrupted now opens. The repairing was worth the money.

Simon France 2021-02-04

Seriously? Could you find your lost Excel spreadsheet data? - This is amazing! I still can't believe my file has been corrupted, and you are retrieving data from there!

Tatum Barton 2020-12-25

Of course, I understand that my file is large, but the last sheet was not restored! Can I contact you, I need the content of the last page? Please see my GasOil.xlsx file uploaded on 12/24/2020. 14 out of 15 sheets were repaired!

Mulligatawny 2020-12-11

I could fix broken Excel file 2007, which was saved with corruption. Thanks

Milo Ashton 2020-08-10

Good recovery utility. Fixed Excel 2007 file very quickly, only cell comments were missing

Amaia Bentley 2020-08-01

The service has fixed the Excel file errors, but the buttons in the table do not function. You are lucky that I only have 2 buttons, otherwise I would have put 4!

Dumbwaiter 2020-06-25

I uploaded .XLM file but downloaded .XLS (without macros). Also in recovered file, in worksheet some cells lost their formatting

Declinometer 2020-06-11

Fast online service for repairing file with .XLS extension. If you can recover formula in cells on Microsoft Excel file, I would put 5 stars.

Nino 2020-05-13


Luong 2020-01-07


Allyson 2018-10-03

I have several word documents corrupt somehow at the same time. Many vital information is needed inside them. This repair product solve the problem and help me find back the data.

Hoang Minh Hai 2018-08-30



A recovery tool which takes up little storage space and performs with great ability. Need to develop more XLS repair functions

BRUCE Ford 2007-12-15

I unplug my flash drive when editing an Excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet became corrutped. I tried a lot of tools online but all fails, only this one recover 3 sheets successfully!

Emma 2005-01-15

My excel worksheets got corrupted and I tried this tool, which output a fixed file containing nearly most of the cells I want.

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